Pre Press & Pre Press Packaging

Create, Test, Perfect, Implement.

Pre-Press is the term we use to describe the process and procedures between creating a print layout file and submitting it to final printing. It is done in three parts to get to the final product.

Once the designer has created the graphic file, it then goes to "pre-Flight." This stage performed first to catch and mitigate any issues with the file setup that might prevent it from being print-ready. Once the graphics file passes all confirmations, we create the proof that gives us a close representation of the finished product. Collaboration between the Client and Rayment & Collins happens to avoid any mishaps or issues that may arise. This critical step helps the quality assurance so that there is a complete agreement to the project specifications.

Upon agreement, the files are ready for the press. If the projects are produced through Offset press, plates will need to be made, which will be the pre-press's final stage.

If files are made for Digital printing, the files will be sent directly to the production machines. From an individual copy to 1000's.

At Rayment & Collins, this is our service promise, and we have been doing it for over 30 years. Our quality control, customer collaboration, and professional print services have looked after some of North America's biggest companies.