Retail Kitting

Feel-Good Marketing.

Today businesses, corporations, and marketing experts embrace promotional product kitting as an effective way to connect with their consumers and clients by introducing new and existing products with a "value-added" approach, which ultimately can click on a new level with their customer base.

At RC, promotional product kitting combines new products or services with other significant brand strategy components. Can products branded with your logo sell you? If it is packaged, it catches consumers' attention and enables them to perceive value better. Yes.

We can create promotional product kits that are highly creative with a strategy in mind, and we can also make those that are more practical. Our teams will speak with you, and you want to deliver ideas and concepts within your budget, talk to your brand.

Promotional kitting can involve multiple items from multiple suppliers assembled into a kit that is packaged and delivered to existing and potential customers. We have space, expertise, and the capability to help promotional distributors and companies with all their kitting and assembly needs.

We offer competitive promotional-specific quotes and pricing on your kit.

We typically provide a quote in 24 hours or less. We will determine lead times on all the promotional items and procure packaging. Once we receive all your promotional product kit components, it is assembled and shipped, with tracking capabilities once it leaves our facility.

We look after all of this for you.