Ultra Violet Printing

Ultra Violet, Ultra Dry, Ultra Awesome.

UV printing is a tangent arm of digital printing. The use of Ultraviolet lights enables to dry the ink as it is printing.

Since it's all about the process of getting to the details, the UV lights cure any printed ink immediately. The dots of wet ink do not get a chance to spread once printed, resulting in much more sufficient detail. Besides, UV cured inks are weather-resistant and offer increased resistance to fading. This curing process allows this form of printing to be used with non-traditional materials like plastic and vinyl. Added to that are the techniques we can use to ensure a premium look when you want or request it. We can create beautiful glosses when asked to enrich the images.

At Rayment & Collins, we can also offer staccato printing, which uses a more extensive saturation of dots used to create a more stable image, with less blurring, fewer jumps in color tone, and fewer limitations of gray levels. Staccato printing also results in super-fine dots with less area between them to reflect light.

The printing possibilities are endless.